Selous – The largest game reserve in Africa

Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest game reserve and is located in southern Tanzania, far from the crazy crowds of the northern circuit. It is one my favourite wildlife viewing areas and really is a hidden gem for that traveler that wants to experience African flora and fauna in its pristine state. The mighty Rufiji river and small lakes in Selous are the lifeblood of the park supporting huge numbers of game that range from elephants, wild dogs, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles and fantastic prides of lion. I am a huge fan of arranging Selous safaris because this park is so vast and so richly endowed that impossible to count its game. In addition Selous is the untouched African wilderness and yet still easily accessible from Dar and Zanzibar.  Not only a wonderful place for the seasoned safari enthusiast, Selous offers an amazing introduction to unspoilt Africa. The game viewing is superb (especially in the peak season months), the wilderness on display is some of the most untouched in Africa, and the sheer variety of activities available makes for an unforgettable safari experience. Home to some of Africa’s best walking, boat safaris and fly camping trips, Selous has the greatest diversity of safari activities of all the Tanzanian safari parks. The boating safaris in particular really set this reserve apart from other Tanzanian parks. The fact that the Selous is so much quieter (in visitor terms) than the majority of the rest of the country just adds to its attraction.Selous Game Reserve –

The wildlife in the Selous is particularly interesting as it attracts both east and southern African wildlife, both resident and migratory, and over 440 known species of birds, which make it a key destination on a Southern Tanzania safari. Lions are particularly numerous here and there are large numbers of leopards.

The park is home to over 50% of the remaining endangered African wild dog, and also hosts very huge populations of elephants, buffalo, giraffe, eland, hyena, sable, hippo, crocodile, kudu, baboon, wildebeest, zebra, impala, hartebeest, colobus and vervet monkeys along with over 450 species of bird. The Activities Standard daytime game drives are just the beginning.

The Selous also offers some of the finest boating safaris in Africa, along with some of the very best walking operations on the continent, including in particular at Siwandu, Beho Beho and Sand Rivers Selous. There are also a number of operators here who run fly camping trips, comprising lengthy walking safaris and mobile camping under the stars – very adventurous and a romantic idea for a Tanzania Honeymoon but not for the faint-hearted!

Selous is a classic dry season park, with the game viewing getting progressively better the later in the season you travel. July to October is the best time of year for the greatest overall concentrations of game, but do not underestimate this park at any other time; game viewing is very good in various areas throughout the year. During January and February you do need to choose your camp very carefully as the game migrates away to more fertile feeding grounds. Birding at this time of year is absolutely world class.

The Selous is home to three of the finest camps in Tanzania, a couple of which would stake their claim as the best in all of Africa.

Beho Beho and Sand Rivers are exceptional lodges that offer all the activities for which the Selous is famous, and host some excellent guiding teams. Siwandu (formerly Selous Safari Camp) is a fabulous tented camp in arguably the best game area of the park at a price that makes it one of the best value camps in Africa. Close by to Siwandu is the no-frills Lake Manze a great little adventurous camp which has a reputation for being on an elephant highway. A little further away, Manze’s sister camp Impala offers a higher level of luxury at a still-affordable price. Other camps in the park include River Rufiji Camp, The Retreat and Azura Selous

The cost of a Selous Safari varies from camp to camp. Generally prices start from $400 per person per night and go all the way up to $1,500 per person per night. The best thing top do is to drop me a line or email with your tentative budget and then work on getting the best deal for you, and find a camp which perfectly suits your style and budget.

Selous – The largest game reserve in Africa

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